Otter Fuck

  • 02-05-2020 |
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Bubba Dip and Chandler Scott are back in the Bear Den and once the interview is done Chandler the Otter takes control and has Bubba on his knees sucking his cock. They swap BJs and soon enough Chanler has Bubba bent over fucking him. Bubba loves when ge gets the chance to be fucked by an Otter such as Chandler. Chandler gives him just what he needs as he pumps his ass in multiple positions. Chandler gets Bubba on his back and fucks the cum right out of him which makes Chanler pull his raw cock out and blow his load all over Bubba's cum soaked chest.

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1 comment

More Bubba Dip, please
2020-02-11 07:26
Martin | Admin
ADMIN | We've got another BEARBACK scene with Bubba which should be coming out soon! It's called Sexy Sign Language. Please stay tuned! - Martin
2020-03-10 12:05
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