Bearly Working Part 2

  • 12-25-2019 |
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Riley Mitchel was holding his nut in from the last encounter for Julian Torres. He had been keeping an eye on him while fucking poolside. Once they got into the room they didn't waste any time. Riley already naked from being in the pool starts to take Julian's clothes off and soon enough Julian is sucking his throbbing cock. Riley's cock is hard and ready for some ass but first he rims Julian's hairy Bear ass and once it's wet enough he stuffs his hard dick inside of him making him scream with pleasure. Julian can bearly take the pounding that he is receiving from Riley. Riley fucks him all over the bed until they both shoot their creamy loads.

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1 comment

I like you guys like bear back is that it does seem to flow well with the models as you all feel like you are having fun.
Thanks guys.
2020-11-02 22:53
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