Bearly Working Part 1

  • 11-13-2019 |
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Carlos Cruz is working on the house preparing for the big storm coming in. He's not going fast but he wants to pace himself so he doesn't overdue it. Riley's been looking for him and he finds him up on a ladder presumable working really hard. Riley Mitchel brings him down off the job and takes him to the pool so he can have a break. He they start to passionately kiss which leads into some amazing cock sucking as these two Bears enjoy the outside together. Riley is hunger from some sexy Carlos meat so he pushes his Bear cock into his tight firm hole and gives him an amazing pounding which leads them into a few positions and one big ender with cum all over the place except when it's Riley's turn to cum a friend comes out of the house and takes them both inside for some more....

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1 comment

Carlos is the hottest!  More of him!
2020-01-06 17:15
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