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I have a longstanding, but still unfulfilled, fantasy about being in a porn scene. I wouldn't even do it for the money, I'd do it just because I have a fantasy about having sex in front of a camera, knowing strangers are going to watch it. It's probably not something I would ever follow through with, out of shyness and hesitation.


If I ever DID want to actually appear in a sex scene, it would be with Jake Marshall. He's a little older than I am, which I like. He looks confident. He looks like he's enjoying himself when he tops a guy. He takes his time. He's firm without being rough. He takes charge in the role of a top, but not in a jerky or obnoxious way, without humiliating or sissy-fying his partner. His scene partners seem to enjoy bottoming for him. Watching him make a sexual conquest in a very subtle way, with actions rather than words, is extremely erotic. I can't help imagining myself being on the receiving end of that!

If I ever DID decide to fulfill that fantasy, he's probably the only performer I've seen that I would want to do it with. Assuming he's friendly and personable off-camera too, I'd let him have his way with me any time...and thank him for it when it's over!
2020-08-22 00:40
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